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Body Paintings - Dreaming

In this body paintings, the naked boobs was used as a dream cloud.


Pears Soaps Transparent | Pears Soaps Posters

Pears transparent soap is a brand of soap first produced and sold in 1789 by Andrew Pears at a factory just off Oxford Street in London, England. It was the world's first transparent soap. Pears Soaps are a natural way to get smart and healthy looking skin. Pears Soaps have high quality ingredients, glycerin and natural oils.

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Salwar Kameez | Online Salwar Kameez Wallpapers

Online Salwar Kameez WallpapersSalwar kameez which also been called as shalwar qamwwz. This is traditional dress mostly been wear by Men in marriage function. Girls and Womens can also wear this dress. This is very common dress in Asia. Especially in India and Pakistan.

Here i have posted some pictures of Salwar Kameez.

salwar kameez plus

cotton salwar kameez

salwar kameez designs

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short salwar kameez

All About Butterfly Tattoos Design

In this modern era that a tattoo is not a taboo especially west of the country. Tattoo art in the form of customs in the world, especially in the U.S. and European countries. Trendy and decorative tattoo designs are the choice of each next. In addition, the choice is no less. Tattoos are available in several sizes and designs, so you do not need to worry about how to decorate your body. Some of the most stylish contemporary tattoos are butterfly tattoo designs, dragon tattoo design, tribal tattoo design, cross tattoo design, henna tattoo design, tattoo design and religion, long list!

Butterflies have essentially no idea of the style statement together for many years. Good clothes, accessories, goods, or jewelry, this beautiful creature has been successfully formed a creative idea. The beauty of color butterfly sported on you that will make you look hot. Butterflies tattoo designs are very colorful and have a nice mix of colors.

Tattoos with butterfly pictures will leave you confused for the election. Some of the coolest butterfly tattoo designs are tribal butterfly tattoos, fairy butterfly tattoos, lower back butterfly tattoos, animal butterfly tattoos and Celtic butterfly tattoos. Tribal butterfly tattoos are generally influenced by ancestral art of local and native tribes. Art comes from the tribe or clan of tribes from Ireland and Scotland and even some tribes of Borneo. Butterflies since many ages have been associated with the Fairies. Butterfly wings are considered fairy wings and vice versa. A butterfly really represents a multi-colored picture of Mother Nature itself. Therefore, these fairy butterfly tattoo designs are more popular especially with women and men modern.

Butterfly tattoo design that has held a special place in the female heart. Between the desired design, the butterfly tattoo design is one of the favorites. Butterfly tattoos come in many aspects of design and color formats, from two colors to the fine. Typically, the arm is tattooed on the scapula, or any still or not. Will increase if you're feeling energetic tattooing a butterfly tattoo design on the neck or legs. But you must pay the price to take the pain from the needles for it's coolness.

They are the subject of creative expression and a mixture of colors is very unique and expressive. Butterfly tattoo design is about taking a butterfly in the kingdom of fashion and combining with a form of art. The butterfly tattoos not only interest the lady world, but in between the selected design from the artists too. Permanent or temporary stay, and even body painting; tattoo designers who like to play with colors that make butterfly wings.

Some butterfly tattoos live only a few days and can not be cleaned by paint remover, some of them just need soap and water to evaporate. Body painted butterfly tattoo designs are not very lasting and thus give a better opportunity.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friendship Day Cards | Happy Friendship Day Cards

Friendship Day Cards | If You love your friends and cares for them, send them nice friendship day cards and show how much you love and care for them

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Friend Ship Day | Friend Ship Day Greetings | Friend Ship Day Wallpapers

Friendship Day Wallpaper - Nice Collection of Friendship Day wallpapers for Laptop and Desktop Computers. Celebrate Friendship Day with sharing Friend Day Wallpapers to your friends.

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Sony Ericsson | Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

Sony Ericsson | Leading Mobile Company. Sony Ericsson has just launched new Mobile Phine W350. Looks very cool. Having nice features. I have posted some wallpapers of Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers.

Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

Sony Ericsson W350 Wallpapers

The Temporary Tattoos in Vogue

Wearing a tattoo is not taboo, many people decorate her body with tattoos. Tattoos today there are many ways for both tattooing permanent & temporary. While the tattoos look like real tattooing. Temporary Tattoo designs to try before choosing a real nice tattoo, for fun, for a campaign or for fancy dress party.

While tattoos have become very popular in a short time as an affordable, less pain & above all they can be removed at any time & that part of your body is ready to return sizzling hot new Tattoo!

While conventional tattoos, first made popular as inserts in bubble gums usual, the poor quality of the transfer, often resulted in vague and design can be easily washed or rubbed body.Modern of temporary transfer tattoos body made quality & non-toxic ink and glue, and the last much longer than conventional temporary tattoos. In this process, body tattoo applied to the skin surface and remains until such time as the image fades themselves (usually after 3-5 days) or use alcohol or deleted like most remover.While temporary body tattoos made a commercial for the campaign, or ad as new items (giveaways), the setup process has been tailored to the art of lithography as well.

Temporary transfer tattoos body usually consists of five main elements: the front of the sheet of paper, the back of the sheet of paper, inks, glue and protective plastic sheet on the tattoo. The front of the sheet is covered with a special layer on the tattoo pictures printed with a special non-toxic inks. A layer of special non-toxic glue and then applied on top of the image. A thin, transparent plastic sheet placed on the front sheet to protect the image and glue layer. The back of the sheet and is usually submitted without a list of materials and / or instructions for use printed on the backside.Water Transfer (temporary) tattoos are usually applied by removing the plastic sheet, placing the image face down against the skin and wetting the backing by putting water (directly or indirectly ) with careful.Backing which can then be removed carefully, leaving the image in place. Do you want to have a tattoo?

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Proper Tattoo Aftercare

Many people decorate her body with tattoos, before you decorate the body with a tattoo make sure you choose a good tattoo model. Tattoo aftercare is as important as choosing the right tattoo design and placement. A beautiful tattoo can be a complete mess if you do not properly follow the instructions given by the tattoo artists in the aftercare process. You are under the special care with your tattoo artist, but the responsibility as soon as you step from the tattoo shop. It is your duty and you are entirely dependent on how careful you are your new symbol inked on the body that increase the attractiveness of your looks.

It is important to follow the instructions you have given tattoo artist and in case if you did not receive a package of treatment, then immediately follow up your call on the correct treatment is your tattoo. Make sure that no instructions given by the tattoo artist should be replaced in any way. For example, people often feel uncomfortable with the bandages tied around the body which has been inked to prevent air born bacteria from infecting the fresh wound. People tend to clear the set before that should not be done. They must leave the area untouched for at least two hours.

In addition, extra care of the place will be taken after the removal of the bandage. Use luke-warm water, mild liquid antimicrobial soap and to wash away any ointment, plasma, or dried blood from a new tattoo. Be careful not rub that area with any abrasive. Meanwhile, wash the area using a hand towel or soft. The same should be done during drying in the region. Pat but did not make the mistake of rubbing the area with clean dry towel or paper towel. So you need to apply a thin layer of D & D ointment, Bacitracin ointment, or H2Ocean. Avoid the use Neosporin because it can cause excess cure and dry out. This causes more cracks and loss of pigment. As it should aftercare practices for 2-3 times each day and should continue for 5-7 days until the skin smooth. You can then be applied to un-scented lotions such as Lubriderm a specified time after treatment.

Other activities such as showering and bathing, swimming pool, lake, or swimming and hot tubs, scabbing and get in the Sunday strip also require some type of vigilance. When taking a shower to avoid soaking your tattoo for 2-4 weeks. Avoiding contact with chemicals present in the swimming pool, hot tub and the environment for at least 4-6 weeks after you get a tattoo is very important. Even swimming in lakes and ponds should be avoided because it can get infected through the water without.


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Snow Landscape Wallpapers | Waterfall Landscape Wallpapers | Download Free

Download Landscape Wallpapers FreeDownload Lates Wallpapers. All Wallpapers are Free For All. Download free landscape wallpapers, landscape desktop wallpaper, 3d landscape wallpapers. Get Latest Snow Landscape and Waterfall Landscape Wallpapers.

Click For Landscape Wallpapers

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The Lower Back Tattoos of Butterflies Makes a Woman Gorgeous

In this era of globalization many people decorate her body with tattoos. Tattoos are decorative printing inks on the skin pierced with a different color and design on the skin. Tattoos are done mainly on the skin for decorative purposes. Men and women get tattoos in different parts of the body and they feel very powerful, brave and cool to have tattoos on their bodies. Lower back tattoos feminine and more women to get them back tattooed area for a lower more stylish, interesting and hot. Lower back tattoos of butterflies is very general design chosen by women.

Lower back tattoos on women is very interesting, and most women prefer to get tattooed on the back of their lower with the reason they can flaunt their narrow waist and attract people's attention by wearing a short top. Butterfly tattoos are very beautiful woman and that will go perfectly with the back of the lower.

Line in the bottom of the spine back area can be used to show the butterfly body and wings can be tattooed on both sides of the spine. A butterfly tattoo's design will create the perfect area in the lower back. There are a lot of creativity in the wings as a butterfly tattoo can be designed and colored in various ways to create a unique tattoo.

The tattoos imprinted on the lower back area a more feminine, and most women consider tattoos to be very stylish. The main advantage of the tattoos is that they can be protected if you do not want to show it off, only with the clothes that actually covered or clothes that cover the area again.

There are also painless tattoo with anesthesia and pain killers. If you really want to have a tattoo then will anesthesia can help you recover from illness if you do not use to. Really though, not all that bad once you start. There are many designs that you can choose, when you go to get a tattoo done they will provide you with a variety of designs and catalog, and you can select one of the design.

Butterfly design that is very feminine and will really make women look hot exposing their tattoos. People who have tattoos on their bodies for various reasons can be for fashion or show them to violence or to show how much loved ones with their initials tattooed on the skin.

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