Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dragonfly Tattoos

dragonfly tattoos

Just like other winged creatures such as the fairy or the angel, dragonfly tattoos are an extremely popular tattoo for women. Perhaps this is because dragonflies appear to be gentle, delicate creatures. In many ways dragonfly tattoos can represent a free spirit because their able to fly away at any time. It also embodies light because its shell contains a unique combination of proteins and minerals, making it catch and reflect the light of the sun in that special way that dragonflies have.

Additionally, in traditional Native American beliefs, the dragonfly symbolizes invincibility, wisdom, and agility. It’s also said to be a messenger from the spirit world. This is because it’s a part of two separate realms: air and water. Because it’s able to pass through these two different worlds, the Native Americans believed that it was about to pass between our world and the world of the spirit.

The image of the dragonfly is often associated with creativity and imagination. The way its delicate wings flutter in the air bring to mind images of fairies and magic, which puts the dragonfly in a rather romantic light. It’s no surprise why dragonfly tattoos have become increasingly popular.

And the size and variety of dragonfly tattoos almost rivals the amount of interpretations of the symbol. Common places to get a dragonfly tattoo include the ankle, lower back, shoulder, thigh, neck, and upper arm. Many women prefer small, discrete dragonfly tattoos that they can easily cover, whereas other women prefer larger monuments to the dragonfly on their bodies. Either way, dragonfly tattoos look simply wonderful.

Common designs can range from simple, elegant black dragonflies to complex, highly colorful ones. Because dragonfly tattoos are very popular designs are literally endless. There are dragonfly tattoos that look exactly like a real dragonfly and there are others that utilize a bit of imagination, making them look more dragon-like. Some of the designs include other images as well, such as words, hearts, stars, crosses, Chinese symbols, and myriad other images.

Because of all this, it’s not at all difficult to see why dragonfly tattoos have become so popular. For anyone wishing to get a tattoo, the dragonfly is an excellent choice.